This look is smoldering hot hot hot! Yes, they are loubitons and yes we found them at a thrift store with the boxes for $50…It was an offer we couldn’t refuse. We just love this versatile look. She looks really sexy and innocent all at the same time. The black dress is short, but it’s conservative on top.

We chose an oversized sweater with the black dress underneath to give a layered dimensional look. If you are worried about looking too frumpy or heavy, put a thin form fitting dress underneath. The good news is if you get bored halfway through the night you can just take the sweater off and voila! instant outfit change!

If you still want to be sexy but a little bit more conservative, throw a pair of leather leggings on and lose the under dress. It will give you a very dimensional look. The key to this look is putting a bunch of simple pieces together to create a striking silhouette.

This look works with most body types. It’s hard to go wrong with a strappy pair of stilhettos. Just make sure the shoe fits you correctly. Fit the shoe to your size, length, width, and arch of your foot. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. You will damage your feet that way.

You don’t need a short scandalous dress. These type of shoes give your legs nine miles and you shouldn’t make the outfit skanky by putting on too revealing of a dress. Basically focus on an important rule here, focus on one area of focus. Here it would be legs, but don’t go all over the place because it looks sloppy.

Sweaters aren’t normally what we would call a “sexy” piece for the closet, but when paired just right, you can have every man in the room turn his head when you walk in:)


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