All the reasons why you need us in our life. And by our life I meant your life, but it was a typo I was too lazy to hit the back button for.
First off, we aren’t from any fashion capital of the world. However, one of the things that make living in this dreary oasis interesting is the fact that it’s NOT a fashion capital.It’s where fashion goes to die…And no, we don’t live in Jersey.  We are privileged enough to see walking style disasters everywhere! So when we say something doesn’t work…It doesn’t work!
………picture this <imagination time!> the absolute worst fashion you can think of….I mean something truly awful, now, multiply that by 10000! Yea bad image right? (If you think it’s cool you probably should navigate away now) No? Still here?
Ok our Style/fashion consists of 100% our opinions/ideas/whatever we like at the moment. You may not agree and that’s cool, we love feedback. Now we may not always respect your opinion, or take it into consideration, but the U.S. has freedom of speech.
1.We are not afraid to tell you something looks bad even if it’s hip/trendy/cool/ “in”….overalls…again? wtf?!?! Side note, overalls are the number one way to stay celibate.
2.We take criticism well. And by well, we mean not at all.
3. We have real fashion icons as our icons, not the current celebrity weird fashion trend people things. I don’t care if the meat dress was a statement, put it on a sign don’t wear it on your body. We do not need Salmonella or bird flu, or west nile.
4. We laugh at ourselves daily. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you can’t survive fashion.
5. We aren’t “into” labels. We are into quality.
So these are the five reasons that make us more awesome than any other fashion blog out there….except for the couple hundred thousand that are better than ours, but we are still doing good.  

Love always

Cristina Laughbon and Jessica Royce


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